How to Change the World


I believe that a person cannot change the world. Before you curse me for being a “negative nelly,” allow me to explain.

“I want to change the world” is quickly turning into the most overrated phrase spoken by our generation. Trust me. I’ve heard the phrase being used in response to “why do you want to work at Bath & Body Works?” I don’t want to immediately call bullshit when someone says that, but…really now?

I believe that any one person can accomplish great things. Any one person is capable of creating movements and making positive differences. And that is exactly my point. One person can make a difference. And that, in turn, contributes to the changing of the world.

I believe that changing the world is a collective effort as a result of all people making a positive difference in their own way. Let’s take a restaurant business, for example. First, you have a pretty hostess who seats you and turns you over to a friendly server. The server turns your order over to the chefs in the kitchen. After you’re done eating, the bus boy clears your table for you and brings your dirty dishes to the dishwasher. And you have the manager who leads the team. Your dining experience is fabulous because of the collective efforts of each team member. Not one of them can say that s/he is solely the one responsible for the makings of this great restaurant.

You guys beginning to understand me? Each of us as individuals can make a positive difference. And all these little differences contribute to the notion of changing the world as a whole. So when one person tells me that s/he wants to change the world, it makes me think, “What makes you so great that you can accomplish what is supposed to be a group effort?”

We should be taught to “make a difference” instead of to “change the world.” We should not be taught to be competitive and try to outshine each other to see who could change the world “better.” We should be taught to join up with other people who also want to make a difference in the world so we can change it together.

Sure, you can blame it all on semantics. Whatever. But without semantics, people would be saying shit like “colourless green ideas sleep furiously”. What does that even mean? All I’m saying is that I don’t believe that one person alone can change the whole world. Each person makes a difference so that we all change it together. That’s all. After all, we’re in this together, aren’t we?