Past lovers & friends, revisit again.

It is so difficult sometimes to encounter someone of the past. Someone who made you happy once, but left you with bitterness in the end. 

It is so easy to look back and wonder, what if everything had worked out instead? What if‘s are like delectable red velvet cupcakes with rich vanilla (not cream cheese) frosting: deprive yourself, and the temptation to binge will be that much stronger; indulge too much, and you will feel gross and hate yourself; give yourself just enough, and you will satisfy your craving and remind yourself that you are human and are imperfect, and that is perfectly fine.

Time. An enemy and an essential. In the beginning, seconds will tick by agonizingly slowly. It torments your mind and makes you wonder if time is actually slowing down. But when that time finally passes — and it will, whether it be days, months, or years — you will look back and realize that the time you so painfully endured was absolutely necessary. 

There will come a moment when you will realize that what happened was meant to happen to make you stronger and wiser. You can run a million what if scenarios through your head, but no what if can compare to the perfect imperfection of the present. As a wise person said, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Time heals wounds, and wounds leave scars. But scars fade, and so will bitterness.

Believe in your strength.