To follow or not to follow?

I always had an account, but it wasn’t until lately that I joined the rest of the world on the bandwagon and became obsessed with Instagram. Especially with the new Instavideo feature, um, hello? Who wouldn’t want to take selfies, food pics, and random videos for the world to see?

And what about them hashtags? #Selfie #Asian #Girl #Smile #HashtagQueen #HashtagAbuse #HashtagWhore #CanYouWriteAnythingMoreStupid…

#When #you #hashtag #like #this. #Oh. #IStandCorrected.

I’ve always thought about whether not following someone that is following you is considered to be rude. I don’t mean the random weirdo stranger that follows you, but someone you know in real life. Doesn’t it seem rude to not follow back? If you don’t follow back, it’s basically saying, “You’re too boring and uncool for my Instagram timeline. #SawryButNotSawry.” I feel obligated to follow back every person who follows me…

Oh, but HEAVEN FORBID if someone follows me and then UNfollows me. Aw HELL NAW! Hehe kidding. But seriously, is it weird that I get kind of offended when someone unfollows me and then I start to feel vengeful and unfollow them also? I just think it’d be weird to see an ex-follower in person. Do I pretend like we’re still friends? I mean, in this day and age, doesn’t unfollowing on Instagram = unfriending on Facebook? It’s like ending a friendship. In the most pussy way possible. (Not saying that I am not a P because I am guilty of commiting such an act.)

Oh Lordy. #FirstWorldProblemsOfABitch.

Now, let’s enjoy Justin Bieber and his words of wisdom. (Courtesy of TMZ on YouTube.)


2 thoughts on “To follow or not to follow?

  1. I just realized now that you had a blog! Yay!
    In speaking to the great IG question you pose: if I follow someone who does not follow me back, I unfollow their ass (I usually give it a day or two). Call me petty. I don’t give a fk. Cuz 1- why should I put up with your daily crazy if you don’t put up with mine? And 2- I’m crazy anal, as you know, and I don’t like uneven numbers 🙂

    Great job on the blog! You’ve reminded me I need to write more!

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