The Sandbox

“Welcome to the playground,” he says, “where imagination comes to life!”

“It’s beautiful,” she says.

“Where shall I put you down for?” he asks. “Monkey bars? A wonderful place to show strength and coordination, as well as any fancy flips and tricks you may have up your sleeve.”

“No,” she says. “I am not that artistic. Nor that conniving.”

“Shall it be the swings? A magnificent way to show poise and grace as you launch yourself towards the sky,” he explains.

“No,” she says. “I fear I lack the sophistication and ambition.”

“Surely you will find your place at the seesaw!” he exclaims. “A place of relaxation where you can settle down on one end and teeter up and down with the aid of your partner on the other end.”

“No,” she says. “I am not prepared for such commitment.”

“Then which other destination would you prefer?” he inquires.

“I think I’ll opt for the sandbox today,” she says. “A place of comfort where I can create, build, and destroy with just my two hands.”

“Very well,” he says. “Will it be a party of two or three? Four or five?”

“No,” she says. “Just a party of one today.”

“May I take your coat?” he offers.

“No, thank you. I will need it to protect me from the cold.”

The playground is a metaphor for life. The different equipment is different paths one can take. You can go anywhere, but it is okay to not want to go anywhere for one day. You don’t have to have it together every single second of your life. It is okay to want to break down and be by yourself if need be. You will only go up from there.


Hey, Soul Sista!

My sister is the best sister ever. She’s kind, funny, mature, and I can talk to her about anything.

My sister…actually doesn’t exist. Nope, I don’t have a sister. But I wish so, so much that I did.

I’ve always been envious of sisters who shared all their clothes, shoes, jewellery, and makeup. How awesome would it be to conveniently borrow that cute top or those sleek leather boots that you couldn’t afford but thankfully your sister could? How nice would it be to just dip into your sister’s stash of nail polish to use that colour you don’t have, or raid her jewellery box for her pearl earrings for a classic touch while she opts for your diamond earrings for a dash of sparkle? See what I mean? Half the cost and double the variety!

Superficial things aside, there’s also that indescribable bond that sisters have. Two girls growing up together. Knowing each other’s habits. Sharing secrets and aspirations. Seeing each other at each’s best and worst. 

I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be able to speak to someone freely without holding back for fear of judgment. Or to talk to someone about something and they totally understand you. Yes, a husband may do that, but I’m talking about getting feedback from another female mind. A female mind who knows you inside out.

I’ve never had a soul sister who I could talk to about how I’m waiting for that special guy who will sweep me off my feet with romantic gestures. Who will share all my physical and emotional burdens. Who is more than an ATM machine. Who will be a best friend for life. You tell that to your mom and dad, and they’ll say, “That’s impractical. You need someone who is smart and rich and will be able to financially provide for you.” You tell that to your brother, and he’ll say, “I don’t give a shit.” You tell that to your sister, and she’d say, “YEAH, GIRL! TOTALLY!” I need exactly that.

I know there are all the downsides to having a sister, which usually comes with having a sibling in general. But honestly, I think all the good things outweigh the bad things. I would be willing to put up with all the sibling bullshit just to experience sisterhood and all its amazing girlyness.

Now, can we take a few minutes to listen to one of the best songs ever made? Seriously…check out that badass in the shades strumming the shit out of the ukulele. So. Badass.


PDA (Part 2) : Couples vs. The Public

no public display of affection - Google Images

Okay you two, that’s enough…


Like I said in Part 1, there are so many different levels and layers to this topic. When is it okay? When is it not? To me, it really depends on the type of situation you’re in.


PDA-ing in front of the general public is sort of tricky. I will admit that I am a little more lax with showing affection towards my boyfriend when it’s just us two and strangers around us. In my mind, I tell myself that there’s a huge possibility that I won’t see any of those people ever again, and if they really had a problem with us acting like a couple, then they could just utter their snide remark and move on with their lives. (They’re lucky they live in a country with freedom of speech. Otherwise…hehe, just kidding.) 

And when I say acting like a couple, I mean holding hands, hugging, the occasional peck, and maybe even staring each other down with affection. You know, the little things. Bigger (and inappropriate) gestures would include grabbing and groping, tongue action, and exchange of saliva. C’mon people, it ain’t that hard, is it?

It really comes down to using your judgment. If I feel like I’m making an affectionate gesture that I may not realize right away that it may be slightly inappropriate and I see it is bothering someone, I will stop. I keep in mind that if I were in the other person’s shoes, I would probably feel uncomfortable as well. Be respectful. That’s all.

But if I feel like I’m making an affectionate gesture that is common for couples to do, and it still bothers someone, this is a situation where I would make a stand for myself and be like, “Hey, does me hugging my boyfriend bother you? Then look look the other way, homie!” I’m not going to show my boyfriend zero affection just because I’m worried about every little comment that might be made. It’s one of those situations: You hate us? But you’re still talking about us. 

Respect between a couple and the public is mutual. Couples need to respect the general public by not going overboard with their PDA and the general public needs to respect that couples just need to act like couples sometimes. I think it’s as simple as that.

But honestly, saying this issue is simple is a HUGE overstatement. Back to what is considered to be overboard and what isn’t, everyone has their own opinion about that. Let’s just trust the human race to practice common sense and everyone will live happily ever after, yes? (Oh my.)


Thanks for reading. 🙂