Pamper yo’self: Face masks

I’ve been really into using face masks lately. Not only does it make me look awesomely scary, it makes my skin feel great. It’s even better when the products I’m using smell yummy. A nose that gets its own smelling buffet is a happy nose. 

Lately I’ve been doing facials to help with the healing of my acne and acne scars, and the place I go to carries this organic skincare line from Hungary. I love all the products I’ve been introduced to so far because they smell fruity and delicious. Skincare products that smell like food from Hungary. See the connection?

Before I use any sort of mask, I always prep my face with an exfoliator. The one I use smells like strawberry cereal. No joke. It’s like breakfast in the form of exfoliator.

Then I start slathering on the mask.

First, I use this herbal mud mask that smells like cinnamon. As soon as this stuff comes into contact with your face…BAM! Remember that stingy, spicy feeling on your tongue when you used to shove 25 cinnamon heart candies in your mouth at once? Yeah, like that, but on your face. It BURNS! Now, what human being would put something burny on their face, you ask? THIS human being right hurr. Okay, the first time I used this mask, it was so intense that my eyes were watering and I wanted to punch the facial lady for putting this painful concoction on my face. (Just kidding, Lauren!) But after the second and third time, I actually started to enjoy that burning sensation. No, this is not some masochistic shit, you kinky weirdos. (Though no judgement to those who practice this lifestyle.) I can feel my skin getting stimulated, which promotes healing. Woo!

Leave that on for ten minutes. Rinse.

Next is the grapefruit clarifying mask. It smells just like the name suggests: delicious grapefruit sweetness! After the stimulation of the herbal mud mask, the cooling effect of this clarifying mask feels so minty and fresh. You could tell this mask is purely natural since it’s got bits of grapefruit skin embedded in it. Yes, I walk around with grapefruit on my face. I pick it off my cheek when I spontaneously want something to chew on. TOTALLY KIDDING! (Or am I…?)

I leave that on for another ten minutes and rinse. And that concludes the face mask routine. There’s some other stuff that I do in my skincare routine, but Lawd, that will have to wait until another post because there is too damn much text in this one already! Not that I couldn’t go on forever about my skincare routine, because I can. You know you love something if you can’t shut up about it.

What do all-a-yall ladies do to pamper yourselves? Do men pamper themselves? Would playing video games be a sort of pampering? You will SURELY think about it, right? See what I did there? (Because my blog’s name is Think Shirley. Yep.)


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